How to fix a rabbit vibrator

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How to fix a rabbit vibrator

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My partner is embarrassed that we kiss in public: what can I do?
Not everyone shows love in the same way. There are those who need to be very attached to their partners, there are those who prefer to have more space, some are very affectionate and those who are somewhat more ardent or distant. We have to understand that first of all since we can not pretend that our partner has the same tastes as we do. We must have an open mind and try to understand the other. That is why there are many people who do not like to show love in public and who prefer it to be something personal and private. People who do not like to kiss on the street where other people can see you. However, we must understand that it may be possible to change this person. That suits a bit to you. But before all you need is to understand it and give it time. So here we leave some tips to try to make your partner not feel embarrassed to give pesos in public.

You must understand the reasons
Understand the reasons The first thing you should do is understand why your partner does not want to kiss you outside of private environments like your house or yours. Because he feels embarrassed by those kisses on the street. There are several reasons among them, for example, that he simply has an education that has made him not like giving kisses in front of other people or it can also be that he is rather shy and does not like to attract attention. Be that as it may, you will not be able to change it if you do not understand perfectly what happens to it. Once you have this clear you can try certain techniques little by little and without the need to accelerate. There is no hurry, you need to give your time so learn to be patient. You should create the environment in which that person feels comfortable and comfortable as if you were at home and do not mind showing your love also on the street.
Start with simple environments It is not the same to kiss in the middle of an office than in a more romantic park with fewer people. Start with the simple, for example a park. You must give him confidence so that he does not feel pressured and most importantly, you must make him forget that you are on the street. If you are not thinking about that and just worry about you, you will not mind giving some public kisses. Also you can not go straight to kiss or kiss her, you must start with other signs of love such as holding her hand, hugging him or kissing her on the face and neck. After this you can try to get closer to see if you think he wants to kiss you. If you see that it does not react well it is better to move away and try another time, there are people who need more time than others.
There are places where you should not try to kiss your partner
It is important that you know that there are places where you should not try to kiss your partner. For example in professional or family environments. There are those who like to avoid the signs of love with their family, because that is the family tradition or simply because they feel embarrassed. You should also avoid places where you know that people may be watching you. That is to say those places like the public transport, the elevator (if there are neighbors), etc. There can be many people attentive to you and make your partner even more uncomfortable.
Be careful with the type of kiss If it is difficult for that person to kiss you, you should not push too hard and make him kiss you too intensely. Leave that for later or for a private environment. Take care of hands that can also make your partner pass an uncomfortable moment.
Let him know you want to kiss him
Let her know you want to kiss her. Once you think you're in the right environment you should start with non-verbal communication to let her know you want to kiss her or kiss her. Do not launch directly because it is easier to reject you. Instead start with a caress and give confidence, to make you forget that you are on the street and think you are at home. Say something nice and most important: the look. It is essential to give him that confidence that he lacks and to give him a kiss and to be calm or calm.
You can also see if your gaze goes to your lips. That is usually a sign that he wants to kiss you. Another possible signal is if you are looking into your eyes and you notice that it is too close. The normal thing is that people maintain a distance of one meter between them. It is true that this distance between couples is much smaller. However, you can know when you are approaching with the intention of kissing you and when not. You can also try to get close to you and see how it reacts, whether it moves away or not. It may seem unromantic but in these cases it is sometimes better to ask first. Do it intimately and romantically and with your answer you can see if you really want, if you do not care or if you are still reluctant. Be careful because sometimes a "no" can actually mean a "yes". You have to know how to interpret the signals. The same thing can happen with silence, if it does not respond, it may be because of shame but in reality it is willing to kiss you.
If you see that he is very tense, do not throw yourself
Respect your decision If you really do not want to kiss you, you should not press too much, as we have already mentioned. Just give him time and confidence to change his mind. If after all these techniques you do not see for sure that he wants to kiss you it is better to wait. There are some signs that tell you that he does not want to kiss you. For example, if you see that your body, especially your shoulders, are too tight, you may not want to kiss you. Also having your arms crossed is a sign of rejection as well as having your body point away from you instead.
If on the contrary, you are going to throw yourself and it corresponds to you, it must be a perfect kiss so that you do not regret giving it to them. You should make sure you have fresh breath as well as lips in good condition. Also, as we have said, you should take care to give too intense kisses and leave those for home and in private. Hopefully these tips will help you get that kiss in public places, however if you still do not want to kiss you, do not worry, you should get used to it and not give it too much importance.

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